US to determine import of China goods

President Barrack Obama has disposed to enter the customs duties on automobile tyres manufactured in China. Next three years Chineses production would be able to get to States, only by having overcome protecting duties.

In the answer - the Chinese authorities initiated antidumping investigation concerning the American goods in the market.

Border for the Chinese tyre was closed by the Union steel manufactures of the USA which represents interests of American tyre industry. The plan was presented to Barack Obama. According to the plan it was suggested to establish duties in 55 percent, to the second - 45, and for the third year - 35 %. However, the president softened conditions. Rates will make 35, 30 and 25 % for three years, accordingly.

Face facts there are many foreign manufactures selling their goods through the Chinese suppliers. Restriction of access on the USA market will recoil on the Washington, the representative of the Ministry of China Trade has declared in interview BBC.

"68 % of tyres which are delivered by China in the USA are made and export by the foreign companies. Measures which undertake the American authorities, not only outlaw, but also will disserve to trade and economic relations of the USA".

Americans were purblindness started duties dispute with the Chinese partners. China has very serious levers of pressure upon the White house, Stanislav Mashagin Upravljajushchy the director of Group of companies Moscow Capital speaks.

"First of all, to Chineses are able operate the market of a state debt and the purchases of exchequer bonds. I think, that it is much more important.

The Chinese national bank has 700-honeycombs billions dollars of American state bonds in its active. However, it is bad argument to press through a question on export of automobile tyres, the operating director of the Company of MDM considers Paul Krapchitov says. Chinese producers will be compelled to reconcile with protecting duties of the USA:

"Anyhow China will not find such consumer as America. Therefore China will show discontent, but, in my opinion, it can do nothing with the decision of America. In any case, it should deliver production in the USA, I talk not about only tyres, but also production of many other industries. And America in that case has precisely calculated, that China will be compelled to swallow this trading infringement".

The only way China can act is prepare the symmetric answer. The ministry of commerce in China has accused the USA of trading protectionism and has decided to help the manufacturers. Especially considering the fact that domestic landowners complain suffered from unfairly cheap USA meat. The Chinese officials have decided to spend antidumping investigation on variety of the American goods.

Some analysts consider, that it is the first step to trading war in the field of mechanical engineering. In its turn America is interested in displacing cheap Chinese cars from its market.

The US distributors and tyre dealers have acted against the customs policy of Barrack Obama. They have counted up, that the complete set of the rubber bought in China costs 50 dollars, and the same complete set of the domestic manufacturer - is three times more expensive.

In their turn Chinese tyre producers applied to the government with the request to enter tax privileges for US market exporters. Besides, manufacturers of China are going to lift up cost for American market.

Futhermore, the Chinese mass-media inform, that despite the new duties, many manufacturers are not going to refuse export of tyres to the US so «they should increase the prices, otherwise they will burn through», - has declared a source from tyre industry.

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